Rayovac – Extra Advanced – ZM Batteries – Size 675 (10 cards of 6 Batt)

  • Size 675
  • Packaged 6 batteries per card
  • (10) cards per carton (60 batteries total)
  • The World’s Longest Lasting Mercury-Free hearing aid battery
  • Rayovac’s green commitment goes beyond Mercury-FREE batteries
  • With an environmental focus in manufacturing, packaging, marketing and other programs

Product Code: 675AE-6ZM


Rayovac cells are engineered with an advanced formula that performs in the most power-hungry hearing devices. This long-lasting formula provides consistent, high-quality performance throughout the life of the battery. Their innovative package features longer battery tabs, a secure dial and an easy access reclosable door.

Different hearing aids require different types of batteries — based on the size and power requirements of the hearing aid — to work properly. Contact Hearing Solutions at ENT Associates of Central PA if you have any questions on hearing aid batteries or hearing aids.