Duracell – Activair MF – Batteries – Size 10 (10 cards of 8 Batt)

  • Size 10
  • Packaged 8 batteries per card
  • (10) cards per carton (80 batteries total)
  • Mercury free hearing aid batteries
  • Longest tab of any battery brand
  • Unique packaging features plastic carrying case
  • 4 Year expiration dates

Product Code: 070-0319


Duracell hearing aid batteries with Duracell’s latest technology are guaranteed for long lasting power. The extra-long EasyTab makes them easy to hold, remove and replace, keeping the proces easy and simple. Duracell’s lightweight, yet strong, protective packaging keeps your batteries safe and secure, while still being easy to open and simple to handle.

Different hearing aids require different types of batteries — based on the size and power requirements of the hearing aid — to work properly. Contact Hearing Solutions at ENT Associates of Central PA if you have any questions on hearing aid batteries or hearing aids.