We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

Eldon N.

I was very satisfied with the service I receive at ENT Associates. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about their services and product.

Matthew W.

I experienced sudden sensorineural hearing loss in my left ear while on dialysis the day after Christmas 2018 and it affected my equilibrium severely. I needed immediate attention, care, and understanding in that I also had a complex set of additional health issues layered on top of this sudden circumstance. ENT, the entire staff, personalized my care adjusting and adapting to my needs as they arose with complete compassion dedicated toward knowing the complete picture of my entire situation meeting what was best for me. I am living now fully recuperated with a hearing aid and with full trust in the excellent quality service of ENT.

Jacqueline P.

Large comfortable waiting room. Plenty of parking. Convenient hours. I have never felt rushed, all my questions answered by the caring, professional staff. I highly recommend ENT to all my friends.

Wilbur H.

I am very pleased with Hearing Solutions. Their staff is very friendly and they worked with me and my problem.

James F.

Dr. Amy Nedostup provided the most professional consultation I’ve ever had. The hearing aids that she recommended were an absolute game changer. I’m hearing sounds that I haven’t heard in a long time. My quality of life has improved as a result of working with Dr. Nedostup and ENT Associates of Central PA. You it to yourself to make an appointment.

Kim and Dominick D.
Kim D.

After our son had chemo he had bilateral hearing loss, requiring him to have hearing aids as well as personal attention. Sensitive to his age and impact that his hearing loss could have on his learning. They worked with his school to coordinate that his hearing aids would work with the schools audio system. They did everything to help and went beyond to help him return to school and allowing him to focus on being a child again!

Robert B.
Robert B.

My hearing aids helped me turn back the hands of time. I had to pay for them, but I still consider them one of the best gifts that I have ever received. If I had to say anything negative about my Audiologist, (Dr.) Rachel, and Hearing Solutions, I would have to make it up. They have been wonderful for me and also to me. I wish that I wouldn’t have waited so long because it brought me down.

Mary S. Patient Testimonial of ENT Associates of Central PA
Mary S.

Thank you to (Dr.) Amy and all of the staff at ENT. They make you feel as if you are a person and not just another case. They take their time to address all of your concerns and make sure everything is to your satisfaction. Without that, I would not have considered hearing aids. Personal service makes a difference in this day and age, especially with the advent of “Dial a Doctors”. Thank you again!

Linda P. Patient Testimonial from ENT Associates of Central PA
Linda P.

Becoming a patient with Hearing Solutions at ENT Associates of Central PA was one of the best endeavors I have ever undertaken. Prior to my association with (Dr.) Amy Nedostup and (Dr.) Rachel Haines, my standard of hearing was suffering. The ladies showed professionalism and friendliness along with steering me to financial help as this guided me to my current state of auditory euphoria. My only wish is that I had undertaken my search for hearing clarity sooner. Two thumbs up!!!

Priscilla H.

A friend told me about getting an awesome hearing aid at a very reasonable price. He said he had a wonderful experience with the help he got and made sure that everything was satisfactory. I called the office and scheduled an appointment for myself. After my hearing test, I found out I needed two hearing aids. What a difference this has made in my life! My husband is very happy that he doesn’t have to keep repeating everything over and over again. I’ve gone back with small issues and they fixed it right away. I have the top of the line hearing aids which are not as expensive as other places. I can regulate everything from my iPhone which is the best thing invented! I have told all my family and friends. I was very excited to hear and understand what people are saying to me now. I would certainly recommend this to everyone that is having hearing problems.

Sabrina L.

Hearing Solutions has made my life so much easier and more enjoyable. Before, I would barely get through a day without asking someone to repeat themselves and now I don’t have to. It has improved my whole perspective on life. Music is a very important part of my life and I perform and sing on a regular basis, so my hearing is very much needed. Now that my hearing has been improved, I am able to hear my music in its entirety and perform at a higher caliber. I cannot explain how ecstatic I am to have the gift of hearing now. Thank you so, so much!

Jacqueline I.

(Dr.) Kristin Jones was very patient with me. She listened to what I had to say. She also adjusted my earpiece several times until I felt comfortable with the setting. She is a very caring person. Thank you (Dr.) Kristin for helping me hear better!

Christine D.

I found the staff to be attentive and responsive to my hearing problem. They were able to supply me with the correct solution.

Janet R.

Deciding to get hearing aids was a decision I made for two reasons: 1. Tired of saying ‘What?’ in normal one on one setting; 2. The annoying sounds, humming, ringing, etc. that bothered me most of the time. Stressful!

Found out that Hearing Solutions was the best option for the hearing aid I needed. The staff is very professional, but at the same time, friendly and helpful. Thank you Hearing Solutions. I am spreading the word about my new found hearing ability. I did not realize until I had my hearing aids that I could not hear the turning signals in my car. I can now!

Denise L.

I did not concern myself with gradual change in my hearing until group conversations at work became difficult to engage in. By that time, TV volume at home was increased while dialogue was still unclear. As an employee of OVR, Hearing Solutions and ENT Associates were familiar names. I made the call to begin the process and was fortunate to meet with Dr. Haines. She was very informative and allowed me to express concerns about being fitted with a hearing device and expense at that time. It has been six months wearing the aid. The enhanced activity of outdoors, music, and social interaction has made any previous concerns unfounded. Resound app is a great advantage and PATF funding accommodated our family budget without financial strain. I am grateful to Dr. Haines for her professional knowledge and the interest that she had in my hearing needs and lifestyle. Thanks also to Jennifer who has assisted me as well.

Mark K.

After living with significant hearing loss for years, my wife Denise convinced me that I needed professional help. I agreed to see an Audiologist if she would research the best place to go. I did not want to be one more person who invested in hearing aids only to have them sitting on a shelf at home.

Denise’s research led us to ENT Associates and Dr. Amy Nedostup, and the results have been great. After having my hearing tested and determining that hearing aids would help my ability to communicate, Dr. Nedostup spent time interviewing me about my lifestyle to determine the type of hearing aid that would work best for me. As a result of wearing my hearing aids all day every day, I now hear better and communicate easier than I have in years.

I highly recommend ENT Associates and Dr. Nedostup to anyone who can’t hear the crickets chirping in the evening or the birds chirping in the morning.

Denise K.

My husband and I were both noticing a hearing loss; and when we decided it was time to see about hearing aids, we were advised by a friend to find a provider who specialized in Audiology services. At ENT Associates, our experience could not have been better. From the initial hearing analysis to the recommendation of hearing aids specific to our needs and lifestyle, we are completely satisfied with the services of Dr. Higgins, Dr. Nedostup and ENT Associates. We have highly recommended ENT Associates to our family and friends.

Rose M.

The entire staff at ENT/Hearing Solutions made my first need of a hearing aid a calm and easy journey. Once it was determined that I needed an aid in my left ear, an appointment was made for my earliest convenience. After (Dr.) Amy helped my mother with her hearing aids, I was assured in my mind this was the best place to come. After being fitted with my aid, I‘ve been able to stop by to have every problem dealt with immediately. I recommend anyone in need of hearing aids to use Hearing Solutions at ENT.

Shirley L.

The three professionals at ENT went beyond the call of duty in helping me to adjust to new hearing aids. Dr. Amy, Kristin, and Sarah were patient, kind, caring, considerate, and I could go on. How many people look forward to seeing a doctor? Not many! However, these three beautiful women aim to please and I would highly recommend them to everyone.

Dorothy R.

With this new technology, I have become a more confident woman. I feel so pleased that I came to ENT and received such wonderful care and patience. I would recommend ENT to all that I come in contact with.

Mary L.

When I thought about spending $3,200 for hearing aids. I wondered, is my hearing that bad, is it worth that much money? The answer is a resounding yes! I can’t imagine trying to function without them. It is truly like the old commercial—you should hear what you’re missing. Thanks to your wonderful staff for the patience in getting my hearing aids functioning at optimum performance.”

Mark K.

Working with the staff at Hearing Solutions was wonderful! Getting my new hearing aids was truly amazing. They may be called ‘hearing aids’, but to my wife and I they were more like ‘marriage aids’. We can talk now without her having to yell at me. My hearing aids have made a BIG difference in our lives.

Kim Z.

ENT Associates is the only place to buy hearing aids where you will get professional, courteous customer service and instruction and the price is more than reasonable. Hearing is believing! Thank you Dr. Amy Nedostup and Staff.

Charles H.

The entire staff at Hearing Solutions at ENT Associates of Central PA is superb. They are courteous, friendly, helpful, and, most of all, they take whatever time is needed for your care! I don’t believe a better set of practitioners could be found anywhere in central PA.

Herbert H.

Thank you for your hearing test and giving me the best hearing aid for me. It’s not the most expensive one, but it’s what I could afford. Your personnel was very courteous and helpful. Thanks to you, I got my hearing back. It’s a great hearing aid for the cost. Thanks again!

Virginia E.

It’s a pleasure to be a patient of Amy Nedostup, AuD. She is dedicated to her practice and her patients. Knowledgeable, kind, easy to answer any questions. I feel very fortunate to be a member of her team, and would highly recommend her to friends and family.

Thomas M.

Working with (Dr.) Amy Nedostup and the staff at ENT Associates has been life-changing. I work with at—risk special needs children. I was aware for over 15 years that I was in need of hearing aids to best do my job. (Dr.) Amy was able to coordinate efforts with OVR to assist with the purchase. I had no idea how much I was missing and how much easier it is to converse with others now. I would recommend ENT Associates for evaluation and service.

Dawn D.

My son has a congenital hearing deficit and has been wearing aids since he was a young child. He previously saw another audiologist, who was less aware of my son’s needs. I really appreciated the time that (Dr.) Amy and her staff took to insure that my son had the correct hearing aids for his particular hearing loss. (Dr.) Amy called my son’s school to make sure that his hearing aids were compatible with the audio system that is used in the classroom. She took time to explain care and maintenance of the devices. She adjusted the hearing aids to fit my son’s hearing preferences. (Dr.) Amy and her staff have exceeded my expectations and I would recommend her office to others.

Patricia R.

There is an assurance of care that comes from a human touch! Each time I have contacted ENT Associates, I have experienced that personal touch…a human voice. I believe that speaks loud and clear that each individual that visits ENT matters. From my first visit to ENT until recently, I have been greeted with attention, with welcoming smiles…and a willingness to help. Just walking into the reception room, I felt the warmth and care which eased the fear of learning of my hearing loss. The encouragement, the energy, the patience given to me in learning to use hearing aids has been and continues to be wonderful. Most of all, I enjoy coming to ENT because it is friendly and most welcoming. I am grateful for all that has been done, given to me each time I visit ENT. I certainly will spread the good news…Come to ENT and hear! Thank you for all your kindness to me.

Ruth M.

My experience with ENT Associates of Central PA has been great. Everyone is courteous and helpful. They go above and beyond to assist you in your needs. As a new patient, everything was explained completely and they were there if I had any problems or concerns at any time. Amy Nedostup, AuD was very thorough in fitting me with my hearing aids. She took time to make sure they were adjusted perfectly for my ears. I would recommend Amy Nedostup, AuD and ENT Associates of Central PA to anyone who is concerned with hearing loss.

Eileen H.

Hearing loss can be difficult to accept and very frustrating to deal with. I had a very pleasant experience at Hearing Solutions. The doctors and staff are very nice and helpful while being professional. They answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. I couldn’t be more pleased with my hearing aids and with the follow-up services. Thanks for all you have done.

Gloria L.

I thought I had wax build up in my ears because I was always saying, “I am sorry, but I didn’t hear what you said”. I went to the drug store and bought a kit for cleaning my ears. It didn’t work, so I went to the doctor and he cleaned my ears. Nothing happened again. My daughter finally told me to go have my hearing checked. Well now my hearing is excellent. I hear the clock tick, the sound of paper, and most of all, I can carry on a conversation without saying, 'Sorry I didn’t hear you.'

Tim S.

I highly recommend Hearing Solutions at ENT Associates! I have had relatively profound hearing loss for the last 10 years or so even though I am only now in my mid-fifties. My first set of hearing aids that I was fitted with (by another local provider) definitely helped me, but not near as much as the set that Dr. Nedostup recommended to me…it is like night and day! Best of all, the cost of these new hearing aids was much more affordable than the new pair I was quoted from my previous provider. I even could clearly hear the crickets chirping on summer evenings for the first time in a long time!

Dr. Nedostup was very helpful in explaining the way my new aids worked and provided a ton of assistance in tweaking them to get them just right. The office is conveniently located and the front desk staff are all very helpful and efficient…never had to wait too long in the waiting room either and that’s a big plus with my busy work schedule.

Renetta D.

Dr. Amy Nedostup’s expertise, professionalism, patience and care combined together in restoring my sense of hearing. After a thorough evaluation of my hearing loss, she calibrated my hearing aids to levels that precisely meet my needs. I sincerely thank her for making my life so much more enjoyable.

Dorothy B.

When I got my hearing aids, I was very satisfied with the way I could hear. The firm I bought them from went out of business. I still had one year and six month warranty on them. Dr. Amy told me she would be able to honor that and spent an hour and a half trying to correct some problems. Finally, she made my hearing aids even better than before. Thank You!

James C.

I have been wearing hearing aids for the last 10 to 15 years. I have never had such a complete hearing test and wonderful treatment as I have received at Hearing Solutions as ENT Associates of Central PA. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Judy H.

I was encouraged by my daughters to inquire about hearing aids. I spoke with some friends and they recommended Dr. Nedostup. I set up an appointment and began the process. I have been very pleased with the results. Dr. Nedostup was very thorough explaining everything, showing me how to use the hearing aids, and then setting the proper volume for me. She is great to work with, and I couldn’t be happier. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Nedostup.

Sarah D.

I must admit I was a “Nervous Nelly” when my hearing tests indicated I had a problem in BOTH ears! Dr. Amy and, her assistant, Jennifer were so caring and reassuring, anticipating my concerns, and had my comfort level back up in no time at all.

Joelle H.

Well it started with me arguing with my family because I couldn’t hear them. It turned out that I needed hearing aids. I came in to see Dr. Nedostup and her staff. She fitted me with my new hearing aids. I laughed because I could actually hear her belly growl. I could hear things that I haven’t heard in a long time. Just be patient with the adjustments that might be needed for your new hearing aids. After working with the doctor and a few adjustments, I couldn’t be happier!

John M.

I realized I had a hearing problem and decided on hearing aids. I went to a few places specializing in hearing aids and was not pleased with the testing or the price. With the prices I was receiving, I thought there was no chance in helping my hearing. I checked with my insurance and found little help. Then I completely lost the hearing in my one ear. I went to a hearing specialist and received the help needed not just for my ear but with hearing aids at a reasonable price. They couldn’t have been more helpful. Their staff and especially Dr. Amy Nedostup were so helpful with assisting in getting financing and with no interest. I have had to go in and have adjustments done, which was in the price, and they were great. I am 100% satisfied with the results and would recommend them, and have, to anyone needing hearing aids. I realize now what I missed in conversations and daily life.

Give ENT Associates and Dr. Amy a chance to help you, if needed.

Karen M.

Excellent match of skill set of patient (techie) to explanations of doctor.

Joseph O.

Over the past 30 years, I have lived with poor hearing in my left ear while the right was good. Later in life, I noticed that it was becoming more difficult to understand conversations with others and/or television. I decided to visit ENT Associates for an exam and within several weeks, audiologist, Dr. Amy Nedostup, provided me with a practical hearing aid system that has served me well.

Deborah C.

The general mood of signing in is very efficient. I feel very welcome and safe. Jennifer is most cordial and friendly. Love (Dr.) Amy. She is wonderful and did well calming me of the unknown. She is very professional with a twist of humor. She made me feel very taken care of and taught me how to use the hearing aids.

Winifred F.

I really enjoyed getting my hearing aids and enjoy having them. I really am hearing everything. Thank You!

Carole C.

Being a new patient in need of a hearing aid, I didn’t know what to expect. I felt very much at ease after talking to everyone in the office. They were very helpful and answered any questions I had at the time. I want to thank you for your patience with me. I am very satisfied and hope to continue being a patient for many more years.

Carol M.

Dr. Nedostup was thorough in helping me pick the hearing aid I wanted. She ordered them after she made my mold and they were here in seven to ten days. She put them in my ears and set a machine to set them to my level of hearing. She was very professional in making sure they fit right. She takes her time and works with you to be sure. I just went back for my six month checkup and she cleaned and checked them. The hearing aids are very good and comfortable to wear. There isn’t any background noise and I would recommend her to anyone.

Robert M.

Can’t begin to imagine what state of mind I would be in if I hadn’t been referred to (Dr.) Amy. There is currently no cure for tinnitus, but with (Dr.) Amy’s therapy and counseling, I have been able to cope with life. When I first began therapy, I was a mental wreck and felt that I could never experience my prior quality of life. With (Dr.) Amy and her staff, the testing, the counseling, and concern they showed for my situation, I am back to golfing, fishing, and trap shooting. Six months ago, I thought my situation was hopeless. My family is as happy as I am.

Patty N.

I have loss of hearing in my left ear, and I had issues with vertigo. Thanks to Dr. Amy Nedostup and all the staff at ENT, I now have a hearing aid and Dr. Amy put the crystals back in place so I no longer have vertigo. I would highly recommend their services to anyone having problems in these areas. I am also blind and their kindness was greatly appreciated.

Tom Yurky patient of ENT Associates of Central PA
Tom Y.

After experiencing-and denying- a growing loss of hearing for at least 10 years, I reluctantly agreed to an audiological exam at Altoona ENT with Dr. Nedostup. The results confirmed a hearing loss that could be corrected with hearing aids, but Dr. Nedostup said the final decision had to be mine. She answered all of my concerns and questions. She suggested which type of hearing aids would best improve my type of impairment. I have now been wearing my hearing aids for six months. I am enjoying hearing things I have not heard clearly, or at all, for quite some time, (including) running water, people talking to me, and the wind. I am not even aware I am wearing my hearing aids. Changing batteries is simple. The care I received at ENT has changed my life and those around me.

Tim D.

The staff at ENT helped me to get my hearing back to where it was 15 years ago. They were informative and took the time to explain all of my options. I have had a great experience, and my new hearing aids work great. I can hear and understand people in noisy environments and can actually have a conversation. Thank You!

Walter V.

Hearing Solutions was quick to test me, and Dr. Amy Nedostup got on the ball and had my hearing aids in no time. She understood what I meant when we were getting them tuned in. She was courteous and patient through the whole process. I recommend Dr. Amy and Hearing Solutions to anybody that thinks they have a problem hearing.

Julia S.

I was very pleased with Dr. Nedostup. She explained things clearly and was so helpful. She helped me greatly. I’m so thankful to have had her.

Lee Owens, patient of ENT Associates of Central PA
Lee O.

Dr. Amy has a Down to Earth approach for people with hearing problems. She covers everything so well. She lets you know exactly what is going on with your hearing and what she feels needs to be done to make it better. She did her job well. When I walked out of her office my hearing was 100% better. She gave me back my life.

Patricia H.

Getting my hearing aids was the best investment I ever made. Before I got them, there was so much I could not do because I could not hear. Now that I have my hearing aids there is so much I do. I’m more outgoing. I’m not afraid to meet people. I go places and do things without being afraid to do so. If you need hearing aids, get them, you will find it will be the best investment you will ever make. I am so glad I did.

Barbara M.

Many thanks to Dr. Robert Caughey and Dr. Amy Nedostup for their diagnosis and treatment of my hearing loss and ear problems. I purchased Phonak hearing aids at a reasonable price and have found them to be very effective.

Mary Ann S.

I thank God every day for Dr. Amy Nedostup. She is so dedicated to helping the hearing impaired. The service and hearing aids I received are superior. Due to the deafness in my left ear, I was fitted with a CROS hearing aid (transmitter), which transmits sounds and voices from my left side into my right hearing aid. I will continue to highly recommend her to my family and friends. She is always so kind and caring and always checks if there is anything else she can do for me. Also, I would like to thank Jennifer for being so kind and helpful to me. I could not ask for any better service from these two wonderful people. The office is so well organized.

Donna D.

I was having trouble hearing. I didn’t think it was that bad. My family finally talked me into having my hearing tested. I made an appointment with ENT’s audiologist, Dr. Amy Nedostup. I was tested and fitted with hearing aids for both ears. The first week was a little hard to get used to them. I have been wearing them all day and evening for six months and would not want to have to give them up. Everyone I know can tell the difference when they talk to me. I have also been told I talk much softer now.

Norman W.

I have had ear problems resulting in severe loss of hearing since I was a small child. Over the years, I have been fitted with several types of hearing aids and have also undergone ear drum surgery, but with no success. Not quite a year ago, I was introduced to Dr. Amy Nedostup. Dr. Amy has been a blessing. Not only do I suffer with hearing loss, I have lost most of my left ear flap to skin cancer, making it impossible for me to wear a “behind the ear” aid. Dr. Amy understood my problem and has worked tirelessly in fitting me with an in the ear canal aid which has truly changed my life! I am 82 years old and for the first time since I can remember, I CAN HEAR! I am a new person. I highly recommend Dr. Amy and her staff. They are not only professional, they are like family.

Darleanne E.

I wore a hearing aid when I was in my 20’s. At age 29, I had stapedectomies to both ears. After that my hearing was excellent. About five years ago, I noticed that my hearing was not good. I decided to have it checked and thus found out that I needed hearing aids. I went to ENT Associates of Central PA and Dr. Amy fitted me with aids. I am really happy with them, and now I am not missing what people say. I am very satisfied and have recommended them to my friends.

Peter K.

As a pharmacist, my ability to hear distinctly and clearly is a must for me and the safety of my patients. Last February, Dr. Nedostup fitted me with bilateral Phonak hearing aids. After a break in period of about two weeks, I have adjusted well to these devices. Dr. Nedostup set me up with the best technology for me. I can hear on my cell phone, thanks to my Compilot. My Phonak house phone helps me hear my kids and also helps with my online webinars. Dr. Nedostup and Jenn have been instrumental in helping me to serve my patients and my students better. I need to be able to hear the difference between “Lamisil” and “Lamictal”. I sincerely appreciate the knowledge and compassionate attitude of my audiologist and her staff!